Spotlight: Dustin Tebbutt

Dustin Tebbutt shotIt’s officially spring now. The days are getting longer and the mercury is slowly rising. But if, like us, you sometimes yearn for those cosy winter evenings, glistening with snow and infused with nocturnal mystery, look no further. Dustin Tebbutt crafts the perfect soundtrack to winter nights, not something you’d necessarily expect from someone who hails from Australia, but it’s not his home country that informs his music, it is the two years he spent holed up in the wilds of Sweden.

Interweaving tightly bound guitar parts with looped beats and Tebbutt’s wonderfully fragile falsetto, the resulting tracks hold an ethereal quality found in the likes of Bon Iver and José González, all shown off to stunning effect on Tebbutt’s ‘The Breach EP’.

The four tracks on the EP take you on a journey through Tebbutt’s loves and losses and are chilled with the bite of loneliness, but somehow manage to be completely uplifting at the same time. This is music for the small hours, honest and melancholic. Comforting and sublime. In other words, the perfect musical companion to late night adventures.

Dustin Tebbutt is currently on tour, including a show at Notting Hill Arts Club on 2 March, before heading off to the US. Check out the tour dates here.

Listen to ‘Where I Find You’ from ‘The Breach EP’ below and listen to the EP in full at his Soundcloud page.

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