Watch: Anto Dust – ‘1955’

Anto Dust press2Hailing from London, five piece Anto Dust have produced a spectacular slice of dream-pop shoegaze in the form of their new track ‘1955’. The band, fronted by leading lady Anto Cossu, deal in a unique brand of hypnotic psych-pop and create towers of etherial majesty in the process.

The band have released a video for ‘1955’, consisting of found TV and film footage from (fittingly) the 1950s. The images have been spliced together and tinted with spectral colours that resonate as the track builds. It’s an entrancing experience that fits the music in a mesmerising way.  The whole experience is like listening to Broadcast whilst floating underwater.

Watch the video for ‘1955‘ below.

Dig Deeper: More from Anto Dust here and here.

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