Premiere: Graveyard Club – ‘Sometime After Midnight’

Graveyard Club pressshot1Are you sitting comfortably? Good, because we’ve got a treat for you. Following the release of their spooky disco anthem ‘Another Life’, Minneapolis-based duo Graveyard Club are set to release the follow-up in the form of the track ‘Sometime After Midnight’, and we’re very proud to premiere the new single right here.

Graveyard Club manage to harness heartbreak like no others, and do so using their collection of thrift-store analogue synths, creating the musical equivalent of the ghost of teenage first love creeping through the twilight.

‘Sometime After Midnight’ is the second track to be taken from the band’s Sleepwalk EP, and it’s full of etherial, late night atmospherics and gloriously quirky, pop sensibilities. It’s like listening to Echo and the Bunnymen covering a 50s horror b-move soundtrack.

The band say this of the new song:

“When we first started recording the ‘Sleepwalk’ EP, ‘Sometime After Midnight’ was the first demo we finished, and it guided the direction we wanted to head in for the rest of the tracks. Lyrically, the song covers broad themes, but it is rooted in dealing with insomnia – waking up and having a mind overflowing with worst-case scenarios and dark thoughts. Some of the specific images described in the lyrics are a product of me restlessly lying awake at night.  Musically, we wanted it to have a vintage spooky quality to it, like a more somber, sincere Monster Mash.”

‘Sometime After Midnight’ is released on 18 March. Listen to the track below and head over to the Graveyard Club bandcamp page to check out the Sleepwalk EP.

Dig Deeper: check out more from Graveyard Club here and here.

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