Listen: Tycho – ‘Spectre’

Tycho press1Artist and producer Scott Hansen has been releasing music under the Tycho moniker for nearly ten years, and now, on the eve of the release of his new album Awake, Hansen has released a superb track in the form of ‘Spectre’. Over the years Hansen’s musical landscape has grown exponentially, so much so that the live set up for his project has swelled from a laptop and a few gadgets, to a fully fledged three piece. Judging by the intensity of ‘Spectre’, things couldn’t have gone any other way.

‘Spectre’ is a track that doesn’t hold back. Reverb drenched guitar stabs bleed into ethereal synths before the live drums launch the track forward at breakneck speed. As intricate guitar notes weave in and out of each other, Tycho produces a melodic soundscape that would give the likes of The xx and Mogwai a run for their money. All this coalesces to give ‘Spectre’ so much propulsive energy it’s as though the track could send itself back to its origins… which may well be from the future.

Listen to ‘Spectre’ below.

‘Spectre’ is taken from the album Awake, released 17 March on Ghostly International.

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