Listen: Love Errors – ‘The Cure’

Love ErrorsDetails are a little hazy at the moment, but one thing’s for sure: East London has spawned a group called Love Errors, and they’ve created a perfect pouch of pop gold. ‘The Cure’ showcases the group’s ability to sculpture a synth drenched nugget of disco infused indie soul, so catchy it’ll be spinning through your brain for days to come. ‘The Cure’ has a bagginess to it too, reminiscent of the halcyon days of 80s Manchester, resulting in the musical equivalent of Sean Ryder swaggering along to ELO’s Greatest Hits.

Love Errors are currently working on a collection of tracks due for release in the summer. Whether the new material will form an EP or an album, we don’t know (and the band probably don’t know yet either), but in any case, ‘The Cure’ is by far the best demo we’ve heard in ages.

Listen to ‘The Cure‘ below.

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