Listen: RBTS WIN – ‘Death Magic’

RBTS_Promo_1bWherever there’s light, there’s also a dark side, and North Carolina duo RBTS WIN (presumably pronounced ‘Robots Win’) are here to give your fresh spring evenings a sinister edge. Consisting of Javier Bolea and Cliff B. Worsham, RBTS WIN employ an array of synths and samplers to create sounds that somehow manage evoke laid-back, breezy summer nights whilst infusing them with tales of hard knocks and the grimy underground.

Their new track ‘Death Magic’ draws you in with a reverb drenched refrain reminiscent of swaying palm trees and lapping surf, before the opening lines of “all these pills in my pocket jingle like some change / feet in the sand, my brain is feelin’ strange” kick in, letting you know that you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. The track mixes some sample heavy acrobatics with hefty beats and swirling guitar, evoking a twisted version of Jaguar Ma but retaining some solid pop infused hip-hop sensibilities that makes you want to hit repeat again and again. It’s the perfect mix of slick soulfulness and dark grit.

RBTS WIN are set to release their album Palm Sunday on 20 May. Listen to ‘Death Magic’ below.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from RBTS WIN here and here.



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