Watch: Moon Gangs – ‘I’

Moon Gangs press1London based producer Will Young, who goes by the name Moon Gangs, must be quite a sci-fi fan. Not least because of his space age moniker, but also because he has a talent for creating some pretty dark and ethereal tracks. Come to think of it, calling Young’s music merely ‘tracks’ falls a little short of the mark. He creates soundscapes of such intergalactic intensity that they go beyond the event horizon of today’s dark electronica and into a territory all their own.

Moon Gangs’ self-titled EP, consisting of three songs simply titled ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’, is slated for release on 5 May on the ever dependable Sexbeat Records, and a video for lead track ‘I’ has now been released. It’s an exploration into the darker depths of ZX Spectrum style alien landscapes and sci-fi B movies.

‘I’ as a composition is no less brain bending, replete with flutters of 8bit noise and unnerving drones, but all the while it retains an entrancing hook reminiscent of classic synth-driven Krautrock. Think Forrest Swords traveling through the vacuum of space in an air lock with Harald Grosskopf.

Watch the video for ‘I‘ below.

Moon Gangs is playing the Camden Crawl in June.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from Moon Gangs here and here.


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