Listen: Tom Vek – ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’

Tom vek Luck packshot 750There’s nothing like a good comeback. And it’s especially sweet when the material backing it up is possibly even better than the original offering that put them where they were in the first place. This is true of Tom Vek, who has burst forth with the first cut from his new album Luck, due out on 9 June on Moshi Moshi, and it finds the bespectacled songsmith on fine form.

‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’ hits above its weight with a propulsive hook that pushes the innate grooviness of the track forward covering similar sonic territory as the higher points of his debut release We Have Sound. Vek also seems to be in a sardonic mood as he delivers the lyrics “there’s no thinking time, there’s no multiple choice… why did you swallow that way, you aren’t gonna fool anybody…”, dead-pan and close to the mic. It’s as though he’s announcing his return with a wink and a nod, certainly living up to his recent description of the new record as “a bratty smartass“.

Smartass or not, with ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’, Vek has marked his return with a track that far outstrips anything on his previous album Leisure Seizure and signals a return to the aesthetics of his early material… with a bit of added vitriol thrown in.

Listen to ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)‘ below.

UPDATE: Vek has now produced a spooky video for the track that follows a Lynchian courtroom scene interspersed with hypnotic, rapid fire cut aways of the man himself. Watch the video below.


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