Listen: Standard Planets & Harald Grosskopf – ‘Ethernet / Telegraph’

Standard Planets Harald Grosskopf single packshot large“Collaboration is the mother of invention” the press release begins, and this is certainly true in the case of the recent meeting of minds between Krautrock legend Harald Grosskopf and London based sonic pioneers Standard Planets. The pairing has proved to be an inspired project spawning a double a-side single, and the first original material from Grosskopf in some years.

‘Ethernet’ is a tour de force that takes you on a journey through spherical chimes and tub-thumping four-on-the-floor beats, before dropping you off right outside the door of a cosmiche bodega, invigorated and ready to party ’till the wee small hours.

‘Telegraph’ is a more sombre affair as the artists reflect on a sinister, Orwellian world of disconnection and solitude. The tribal beats rumble along like an ominous weather system lurking just over the horizon before the track explodes with a supernova of post-rock energy that would give the likes of Mogwai a run for their money.

Ethernet/Telegraph‘ is out on 14 April. Listen to both tracks below, then show some love and pre-order it here.

Harald Grosskopf and Standard Planets are playing an exclusive one-off show at the Waiting Room in London on 18 April. It’s the first time Grosskopf has played in the UK since the 70s, so that’s pretty exciting (and it’s only £5!). Go and grab yourself a ticket here



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