Watch: Dustin Tebbutt – ‘Bones’

Dustin Tebbutt_bones_stilljpegFollowing the release of his spellbinding ‘The Breach’ EP at the beginning of the year, Australian troubadour Dustin Tebbutt has returned with a new single ‘Bones’. The track further solidifies Tebbutt’s ability to distil loss and longing into a perfectly formed affecting soundscape.

Shot in a single take, the video was filmed beside a frozen lake at the Northernmost tip of Sweden and shows Tebbutt making his way through some snowy woods before enigmatically picking up a notebook, binoculars and a knife and heading towards an isolated tent pitched out in the open. It’s a thought provoking narrative that perfectly complements the nature of the track itself.

The setting for the video is also where Tebbutt holed himself up to complete the recording of the tracks he has released so far, and the Swedish scenery obviously proved to be no end of inspiration for the artist. ‘Bones’ encapsulates not only the desolate beauty contained in the icy landscape but also the emotive folk sensibilities prevalent in acts like Bon Iver and Laura Veirs. But the real delight in the music is undoubtedly Tebbutt’s haunting falsetto that rises from the etherial tones.

Watch the video for ‘Bones‘ below.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from Dustin Tebbutt here and here.


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