Listen: Baths – ‘Ocean Death’

baths-largeWill Wiesenfeld, who goes by the moniker Baths, is a man with a dark side. This was displayed to stunning effect in his 2013 album Obsidian, which raised the bar for minimalist electronic music and cemented his place at the pinnacle of alternative elctro. Now Wiesenfeld has announced the release of his first new material since Obsidian in the form of the ‘Ocean Death’ EP, which serves as an accompany piece to the album.

The five track EP, running in at 20 minutes, sees Baths on even darker form and the title track shifts the focus firmly on a sinister rhythm that pulsates relentlessly, touching on minimal techno whilst retaining the atmospheric swirls and ambient nature of his previous output. ‘Ocean Death’ has been in the Baths live arsenal for a couple of years and the eponymous EP is a welcome showcase for the track on record. Once listened to, the unshakable final refrain of “Bury your body in my graveyard” will be creeping around your brain for days.

‘Ocean Death’ is released on Anticon on 6 May.

Listen to the title track below.


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