Listen: The Forest & The Trees – ‘You’re In My Skin’

the forest and the trees - Sarah ArnaldHaling from Stockholm, Sweden, couple Linnea and Joel Edin started making music together in 2008 as part of Joel’s former band Tupelo Honeys, and after a run of releases, the duo decided to take some time out and eventually returned, fully refreshed as a two piece in the form of The Forest & The Trees.

During their regrouping, Linnea and Joel travelled across Europe and eventually settled in the Spanish town of Valencia, a place close to their hearts after they visited there while on tour, and spent four months writing under the Mediterranean sun. ‘You’re In My Skin’, taken from their forthcoming album Missions, set for release on the ever dependable Best Fit Recordings, is the main result of their stay and the track sparkles with brightness and optimism. The synth driven refrain gradually builds under Linnea’s opening lyrics of “I’m walking streets of gold / under an ever shining sun”, combining to form the musical equivalent of a cloudless sky.

But that’s not to say the duo abandoned their Swedish roots. Far from it. As the track continues, the real sentiment of the song unfurls as the rhythmic beats kick in to full effect and ‘You’re In My Skin’ reveals its true colours. Those colours being the sparkling blues and whites of their home country and a melancholy homesickness is brought to the fore. ‘You’re In My Skin’ is an ode to Sweden told through a shimmering pop gem with a seriously catchy hook. Proof that, no matter where you are, home is never that far away.

Listen to ‘You’re In My Skin‘ below.

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