Listen: PARAKEET – ‘Pink Noise’

PARAKEET press shot1There’s nothing like a good side project, and if you were in any doubt of this, just take a look at London’s PARAKEET. The band is a collaboration between Mariko Doi of Yuck and The History Of Apple Pie drummer James Llewellyn Thomas, who combined forces back in 2013 to release their slacker rock infused ‘Shonen Hearts EP’. Now the two musicians have combined forces once again and are set to release their new single ‘Pink Noise’.

The track is a definite departure from their super lo-fi past as PARAKEET have created a whirlwind of shiny pop noir with an incredible hook. ‘Pink Noise’ sees the band showing off their erudite songwriting skills to full effect as they harness the energy of a leather clad, heyday Suzi Quatro with the quirky pop energy of the Dum Dum Girls. Released on 26 June on super-sexy pink cassette (and obligatory download) on Marshal Teller records, ‘Pink Noise’ is a reverb drenched gem guaranteed to add a slice of summer to your life.

Listen to ‘Pink Noise’ below.


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