Watch: Einar Stray Orchestra – ‘Politricks’

Einar Stray Orchestra - Politricks video stillIn case you haven’t heard, the zombie apocalypse has finally happened. Well, according to Einar Stray Orchestra is has. Hailing from Norway, Einar Stray Orchestra create the kind of cinematic alt-folk made to soundtrack your late nights, and early mornings, too.

Their new single ‘Politriks’, taken from their forthcoming album of the same name, is due to drop on 20 June and serves as an enticing glimpse of the uplifting, innovative and down right whacky tunes in store. ‘Politricks’ thumps along with boundless energy and verve as the intricate cello and gutter lines blend to forge a melody as catchy as anything Conor Oberst has come up with recently, the band also add a knowing splash of twee into the mix for good measure.

The video for the track is nothing sort of a condensed Hammer Horror B-move as the band show off their occultish side during an invasion of the undead. But don’t worry, our unassuming heroine is here to save the day… sort of. You’ll just have to watch the video below to find out what happens.

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