Listen: Lux Lisbon – ‘Get Some Scars’

lux lisbon get some scars ep coverNow that summer is officially here and the festival season is underway, it’s surely time to find the perfect soundtrack for those inevitable road trips towards your chosen tent-laden field. Well, if you haven’t found one yet, look no further than London’s Lux Lisbon. Named after the ill fated protagonist from Jeffrey Eugenides’ seminal novel The Virgin Suicides, Lux Lisbon’s output is a lot more optimistic than their moniker suggests, and the lead track from their Get Some Scars EP bears this out in fine form. The track opens with pitch-perfect, folk tinged harmonies before breaking out into a gloriously punchy piece of pop mastery, complete with a hook that will stick in your head for days.

Lux Lisbon definitely wear their influences on their sleeve with shades of Beirut, Goldheart Assembly and a healthy amount of Bruce Springsteen shining through. But the band are certainly not in the business of just reproducing what’s gone before, they’ve managed to absorb the best bits of their musical heros and create little gems of catchy perfection all their own. Before long, Lux Lisbon will surely be taking their rightful place as the new champions of cerebral pop.

Listen to ‘Get Some Scars‘ below.

You can also download the entire Get Some Scars EP for free (yes, free) over at the Lux Lisbon website. We’re not sure how long it’s going to be available, so do it now.

P.S. – We couldn’t finish this post without pointing you in the direction of the politically charged and impossibly infectious track ‘Bullingdon Club‘ as well.

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