Spotlight: Vow

Vow band shotThere’s something rumbling in the city of Los Angeles. The floors are shaking, there are some serious bass/beat combos going on and all this is courtesy of the two people who make up Vow. Julia Blake and Andrew Thomas combine their collective powers to create a dramatic narrative of musical extremes; Thomas’ heavy, compressed beats crunch their way under blissfully soaring synths and samples while Blake’s delicate vocals weave effortlessly throughout.

The duo are set to release their new EP Make Me Yours which is set to show off their talent for textured rhythms and layered melodies, creating an intense, hook laden dream pop which will get your body moving and your cerebral cortex firing all at the same time. The EP isn’t released until 12 August, but don’t worry, the band have just released the track ‘Planks’ which showcases their beat heavy, pop tinged sound which will infect your brain like an updated Purity Ring with a dose of Cocteau Twins thrown in for good measure.

Listen to ‘Planks‘ below.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from Vow here and here.




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