Listen: Happyness – ‘Anything I Do Is All Right’

Happyness band shotIn case you haven’t heard, the kids are alright. It’s true that the rambunctiousness of the younger generation can prove a bit too much for those greying around the edges, but we’re here to tell you that none of that matters. Especially if Happyness are anything to go by. The South London trio have only been in existence for around a year, but the youth of the band (and the band’s members) only serve to turbo charge their music with the kind of fresh energy that seems set to propel them to stratospheric  heights, something that was proven with the release of their debut album Weird Little Birthday a scant few weeks ago.

Now the band are set to release the album highlight ‘Anything I Do Is All Right’ as a single, and the track shows off Happyness at their winsome best. The off-kilter guitars set a tone firmly in tune with the school of North American slacker rock informed by the likes of Pavement and Weezer, but there’s also an added edge of wistfulness attune to Parquet Courts that puts Happyness among the strongest contenders for the crown of sludgy, cerebral jam rock. And a deserved crown it would be, too.

Listen to ‘Anything I Do Is All Right‘ below.

Dig Deeper: check out more from Happyness here and here.

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