Spotlight: SEØUEL

Sequel press shotScotland’s capital city has seen a run of emerging dance floor filling talent over the past couple of years, but now there are some fresh rumblings cracking over Edinburgh’s horizons. Local producer SEØUEL has been steadily garnering attention over the past few months with a stream of tracks (not least his new track ‘Gamli’) showcasing his sinister take on dark elecrtonica, and he is now set to release the ‘Prague EP’, partly inspired by a trip to a strange church in the Czech Republic and the mysterious Infant of Prague idol he found there.

The five track release showcases SEØUEL’s ability to construct an ominous landscape of thunderous sonic maximalism, at once oppressive and exhilarating but somehow managing to create more than enough dance floor appeal.

We asked the enigmatic producer to answer a few questions to get an insight into what makes him tick.

What is it like being a new producer in Edinburgh and how do you fit into the current music scene there?

I’m close with Sevendeaths and Claude Speeed who are both from the same neck of the woods. We all grew up together and have been in numerous guises together over the years. Sevendeaths has actually remixed ‘Prague’, which is deep. I also worked very closely with the amazing producer John Baillie Jnr on the EP. He’s from Glasgow but that’s close enough. You should check out all of the above guy’s projects – all amazing.

The EP has a dark, nocturnal feel to it. What feeds into your songwriting that gives your music such a sinister edge?

It’s how my brain functions. A release from real life.

Tell us about the Infant of Prague. What was it about this that inspired you? 

I spent some time in Prague in the depths of winter a while back and stumbled across the church where the Infant of Prague statue lives. It was a very surreal/mind bending experience.  I had no knowledge of its existence and what it meant to so many people in the Czech Republic.

Are there any other religious or cultish elements that inform your songwriting?

There are not. I wanted to create a dark and uncomfortable feeling and leave it up to people to form their own feelings and images. I found the Infant of Prague quite a creepy experience, seeing people praying to a somewhat sinister looking doll, especially right in the dark depths of winter. It ultimately became the influence for this EP. Religion is in no way a motive for my music.

What’s next for you after the release of the EP?

More danceable darkness.

The ‘Prague EP‘ is released on 4 August on Disorder Recordings.

Listen to ‘Gamli‘ from the ‘Prague EP’ below.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from SEØUEL here.

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