Tape Waves – ‘Let You Go’: Album Stream + Track By Track

tape waves_2Maybe it’s something to do with the increased vitamin D exposure on the South East coast of the US, but Carolina based husband and wife duo Tape Waves have a knack for distilling the sun drenched vibes of their home city into perfect nuggets of dream pop. After creating plenty of buzz with the release of their debut EP last year, Kim and Jarod Weldin are all set to amp up everyone’s summer with their debut album Let You Go.

We were proud to premiere the album track ‘Looking Around’ a few weeks ago and now we’ve got a bigger treat for you lucky people… you can now stream Let You Go in full right here!

Let You Go is a rush of cool coastal breezes and splashes of sunshine delivered through interweaving, shimmering guitars and Kim’s breathy vocals beckoning you onto the beach. But, you don’t have to rely on us to tell you about the album, Tape Waves themselves have provided a handy track-by-track run down (just underneath the player) so you can get an insight into the album from the people who made it happen. So hit play, let the music roll, and we’ll let the mighty Tape Waves do the talking…

Let You Go is out now on Bleeding Gold Records. You can order the album on vinyl (including a super-sexy orange and blue swirl version) here, and if you’re into instant gratification, you can get it digitally here.

Slow Days:

Jarod: Slow Days started as a loop that I made of the main rhythm and guitar melodies. We really liked how that part sounded, so much so that we decided to keep it as the base for the entire song and just bring different elements in and out of the song. I think covering New Order’s “Age of Consent” may have helped to inspire the decision to approach the song this way. Our obsession with Yo La Tengo’s “Fade” album also probably contributed to the way this song sounds.

Kim: This was the last song we wrote for the record. We still needed an intro to the album as none of the other songs really felt like an opening track. I was downstairs and I could hear Jarod playing the guitar parts upstairs and I immediately felt like it would work well as the first song on the album. The vocal melody was inspired by The Concretes.

All I Can See:

Kim: It’s basically about that obsessive feeling you get when you first start having feelings for someone and they’re all you think about.

Jarod: We wanted to write a song that had a faster tempo than we’re used to. In my head we’re a punk band. This is sort of our version of a short punk rock song.

Let You Go:

Jarod: I had written music for a few songs shortly before I had convinced Kim to start Tape Waves. Most of them didn’t quite work as songs, but I liked some of the parts. We used the outro of one of those songs for the end of “Looking at the Sun”, the b-side of our “Stay All Night” 7″. We used the intro chord progression from that song to start “Let You Go” and then wrote around that.

Kim: The lyrics are about walking around and trying to clear your head and dwelling on something that someone said until you start to think the worst. I struggled a lot with writing the chorus for this song. The first version of the chorus that I had written had too much space between the lyrics. Jarod wrote a few different melodies on the guitar and we decided on the one that flowed the best. We both decided that this would be the title track when it was done. It’s my favorite song on the album.

Ready Now:

Kim: “Ready Now” is the first song we really wrote together. Jarod had written the guitar parts for the intro/verse. He played it for me and I could hear the first lines immediately but told him that I didn’t think I could sing it. I realized that while the range was a little higher than I was comfortable with, it was where the song had to be so I gave it a shot.

Jarod: I remember layering the outro on a loop pedal and recording it with my iphone. After many listens of the iphone recording I decided to scrap the whole part and I wrote a much simpler outro. We decided to put the original outro back in just before we started recording and I’m really glad that we did. It’s one of my favorite parts that we’ve done.


Jarod: Besides “Ready Now” and “Wherever I Go”, this was the first thing written for the album. I originally intended to expand on it and turn it into a song with vocals and a chorus, etc. Kim suggested that we make it an instrumental song. I thought about the instrumental song on the first Surfer Blood record, and the hidden track at the end of Descendents’ “Everything Sucks”, and thought maybe it could have a somewhat similar feel while not moving around as much as those songs do. When Kim insisted that I name the song, I chose “Beachfront” because it felt like a day at the beach to me, with the sun setting as the song fades into the ambient guitar textures at the end.

Another Day:

Kim: We wrote this song together pretty fast, it came together pretty naturally. It’s a simple and soft song that is easy and fun to play. I feel like some of the british indie pop bands that we like seeped into this song a bit.

Wherever I Go:

Jarod: “Wherever I Go” was the second song that we recorded. I remember recording the clap tracks in our apartment and wondering if our neighbors could hear us loudly clapping in threes over and over again in the middle of the day. Pretty soon after we finished this song we debated the possibility of adding members to the band. We discussed the pros and cons of adding a rhythm section and ultimately decided that we didn’t want to have to worry about working around other people’s schedule and lugging around a drum set.

Looking Around:

Kim: The guitar part reminded me of spinning, moving in circles. I thought that might lend itself to writing about feeling lost when you can’t stop thinking about someone.

Jarod: Kim wrote the chorus chords, which was good because every inclination I had was to go somewhere with it that just wasn’t working. Our friend Danny from Seapony added some tambourine that really helped the chorus as well.

Stay All Night:

Kim: I originally had more lyrics in the chorus. I shared them with Jarod and he felt that I should simplify it by just repeating the single line. When we changed that the chorus had more impact.

Jarod: I like the way the guitar melodies play off of one another. I think the ending is really fun. I had just assumed that it would be an instrumental ending. We finished recording the vocals for the verse and chorus parts and Kim said she had some ideas for the end. That was the first time I had heard the vocal parts for the end, I really like that melody that she came up with for the “ooh” part.

I Can Tell:

Kim: This is a happy song about being in love and just finding everything to be easy. The vocal melody reminded me of a Cat Power song at first, but really turned into a different vibe once we recorded it and added the different vocal layers. The ending took awhile to come together because I could hear this really elaborate section in my head that was inspired by an Electrelane song. We added some keyboards, Danny from Seapony added some droning organ chords and guitar parts and it finally turned out the way I wanted.

Jarod: We kept the music pretty stripped down on this one. One lead in the verse, just chords in the chorus. Kim really filled out the song with her vocals and background vocals. I really love the keyboard part that she put down on the ending using her radio shack keyboard that completely turns off anytime you slightly move it. It was great to see all of her ideas for the end of the song come to fruition, one track at a time.


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