The Playlist: Graveyard Club – ‘The Night Is Mine’

graveyard club newIf you’ve been following us for any length of time you’ll know we have a massive soft spot for impeccably crafted synth driven dream pop, and there are very few bands around at the moment who do this quite as well as Minneapolis-based outfit Graveyard Club. The band began in the spooky basement of an abandoned mansion in their native Minnesota with Matthew Schufman and Michael Wojtalewicz crafting atmospheric indie synth tracks out of broken vintage keyboards. Now, Graveyard Club has expanded to a fully fledged four-piece act with the newly recruited rhythm section adding a punch to their already heavyweight sound.

This newfound energy is abundant in their new single ‘The Night Is Mine’ which shimmers with 80s infused pop majesty, squidgy synths and a hook that will reverberate in you head for days locking you brain into a lycanthropic house party with the likes of Ballet School and Echo and the Bunnymen blaring out of the stereo.

Not only have Graveyard Club done the world a service by releasing a new track, but they have also put together a specially curated playlist of frankly amazing tracks that served as inspiration whilst the band were writing ‘The Night Is Mine’. Containing songs from the likes of M83, Bruce Springsteen and The Cure, it’s an eclectic mix perfect for the spooky small hours.

Listen to Graveyard Club’s ‘The Night Is Mine’ playlist below and check out their new single under that.

‘The Night Is Mine’ is out now.


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