Listen: Mysteries – ‘Deckard’

MysteriesNever more so has a band reflected their own moniker than LA’s Mysteries. The trio, who specialise in creating futuristic pop with a hefty punch, keep their identities a closely guarded secret appearing in concealing silver face masks and keeping their backstory firmly up their sleeve.

But does an identifiable face and an interesting back story really matter? Not when the resulting music is as propulsive and entrancing as the kind Mysteries produce. The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album New Age Music Is Here, released on LA label Felte on 28 October, and the band have just released the first taste of the album in the form of the track ‘Deckard’.

If ‘Deckard’ is anything to go by, Mysteries are all set to unleash a wave of sinister, electronica infused pop into the world. The track is awash with sparse synths and rumbling glitches, but ‘Deckard’ is definitely driven by the heady mix of staccato beats and near-falsetto vocals at the song’s forefront, sounding like Anthony and the Johnsons filtered through the mind of Trent Reznor. Hypnotic in nature and feral in spirit, Mysteries are a truly exciting prospect.

Listen to ‘Deckard’ below.



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