Watch: Shabazz Palaces – ‘#CAKE’

Shabazz Palaces 12 (2011)These’s something dark lurking in the recesses of the internet today. It’s a twisted, visceral outlook onto a post-apocalyptic world, and it seems fitting that this vision is soundtracked by the twisted hip-hop of Shabazz Palaces. The Seattle based duo have released their new single ‘#CAKE’, taken from their lauded LP Lese Majesty, and the accompanying video is as sinister and exhilarating as the track itself.

The clip takes the viewer on a ride through a landscape of dejected urban decay inhabited by insidious characters, sharpened with a surreal edge. Imagine Bladerunner shot in the depths of a Compton ghetto and you’ll get the idea.

It’s a fitting visual narrative to one of the more ominous tracks Shabazz Palaces have produced, full of malevolent bombast and pervasive mischievousness.

Watch the video for ‘#CAKE’ below…. and don’t have nightmares.

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