The Playlist: Teardrop Factory – ‘Thrash In The Heart’


Teardrop Factory press shotIn preparation for the release their debut album Thrash In The Heart (out 15 September on the ever dependable Faux Discx) Brighton base duo Teardrop Factory have been dropping some seriously psych-drenched noise by way of the tracks ‘3am Coke Dream’ and ‘Now We Shatter’, the latter of which has just received its very own video clip. Like a super-charged trip through a VHS haunted house, the video was produced by the band themselves and features eerie, flickering figures, grainy landscapes and a few skulls thrown in for good measure.

To further whet your appetite for the new album, the band have put together an exclusive playlist for us, filled with tracks that served as inspiration for the band while they were putting the finishing touches to Thrash In The Heart, and it’s easy to hear how the band developed their knack for propulsive, swirling energy and melodic hooks. It’s got some choice cuts from the likes of The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices and Archers of Loaf, in other words, it’s a psychy swing-out that will be sure to get you off your seat and jumping around like a ritalin deficient teenager.

Listen to the Thrash In The Heart playlist below and check out the video for ‘Now We Shatter’ after that.

Thrash In The Heart is out on 15 September on Faux Discx.

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