Listen: Pauma – ‘Sink or Swim’

Puma bandIt’s easy to feel down on life every now and then, but it’s not so easy to put a spin on those darker moments and turn them into a sonic power-punch filled with uplifting optimism. But this is exactly what fresh faced four-piece Pauma have done in their new track ‘Sink or Swim’.

The track is imbued with some serious self-reflection with the lyrics “I think I’m done with everything / so scared to lose, I don’t try to win”, but this is far from an adventure in miserabilism. The lyrics give way to a supernova of bursting guitar and a swell of verve before breaking out into a huge chorus dripping with Phil Spector style wall of sound. It’s a perfect exercise in yin and yang style rock ‘n’ roll.

Listen to ‘Sink or Swim’ below.

Dig Deeper: Check out more from Pauma here and here.

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