Spotlight: Night School

night schoolEverybody knows school is a drag. And going to school at night is even worse. Remember being stuck in a room staring out of the window during the evening whist your friends are out partying sucking nitrous oxide and getting drunk? Well, Californian three piece Night School are here to put those memories far behind you. They’re ready to bring their own party straight to wherever you are.

Ex-Whirr member Alexandra Morte has been busy recently and has now formed a three strong outfit creating pure, hardcore nuggets of popgaze crack for your ears. The band are set to release their debut EP Heart Beat on 7th October and it has all the hallmarks of 60s pop infused teenage heartache coupled with the trashy garage punk attitude to get over it.

From the first track ‘Best Friends’ to closer ‘Heart Beat’, Night School showcase their ability to sound like the long lost children of the Shangri-Las and The Crystals if they’d been locked in a room listening to 90s sub pop records before climbing out the window to party with Echo and the Bunnymen. In other words, pretty amazing.

Listen to shoegaze anthem ‘Birthday’, taken from the Heart Beat EP below.

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