Listen: Nite Fields – ‘You I Never Knew’

Nite Fields Photo by Sarah Werkmeister copy_resized

Photo by Sarah Werkmeister 

In a world that’s still got a hangover from the EDM onslaught of the past couple of years, it’s easy to forget what can be achieved when four people get together with a couple of guitars, a drum kit and a microphone. Of course, it helps if, like Australia’s Nite Fields, those four people have also got an ear for a killer hook.

The band have just released the new track ‘You I Never Knew’ and it showcases a torrent of understated, yet confident energy enveloped in a melodic shoegaze swirl. The reverb drenched sound hangs in your ears like a heavy fog infused with the spirit of Bauhaus and the immediacy of Beach Fossils. It’s shimmery, spooky and sounds like the perfect track to usher in the beginning of winter.

The track is taken from Nite Fields’ debut LP, entitled Depersonalisation (a title that feels like a knowing – and apt – nod towards a certain Cure album) which is set for release on 2 February via LA based label Felte.

Listen to ‘You I Never Knew‘ below.


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