The Playlist: Óbó – Innhverfi (inspirations)

obo-coverThis is the time of year when you can’t help but look back at the year just gone and reflect on it. With the longer nights and shorter days, it’s easy to feel like you just want to hunker down, cosy up and begin a steady hibernation. If you feel at all like this you need a decent soundtrack, and we’ve got just the thing. Icelandic songsmith Olafur Bjorn Olafson, who goes by the moniker Óbó, knows a thing or two about long nights, as his new album Innhverfi seems to harbour a nocturnal essence that is at once comforting and elemental.

Having studied classical piano (as well as a plethora of other instruments) and been a touring member of Sigur Rós among other numerous bands, it’s little wonder he has calved a collection of vastly eclectic tracks in the form of his new album Innhverfi. In fact, Innhverfi seems to be an album carved from the volcanic rock of his home country itself.

In honour of the release of Innhverfi, Óbó has put together an exclusive playlist of tracks that served as inspirations and cogitations as the album took shape covering some fecund territory for anyone who with a taste for good music. Here you’ll find Chilly Gonzales cuddling up to Beth Gibbons and Serge Gainsbourg fist-bumping The Orb to name but a few.

Listen to the playlist below, and check out our interview with Óbó right here.

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