Rewind <<<: NAVVI – ‘// EP’

NAVVIIn our Rewind<<< series we shine a light of some of the things that may have passed just under your radar during 2014. Sometimes, you’ve got to look back to go forward, right? Just ask Seattle based duo NAVVI, consisting of producer Brad Boettger and vocalist Kristin Henry. The pair’s sound shuttles between early 90s mellow break beat and up to the minute modern soul. A connection between the classic and the bang up to date.

Their // EP was released in November last year and showcases Boettger’s tight production coupled with Henry’s etherial vocals. The whole thing comes together like an updated Purity Ring and sets up NAVVI as serious contenders to the likes of IYES. One the highlights of the // EP is opener ‘Perfect Speed’ which pulls you in with its swirling atmospherics as it gradually coalesces into a pulsating, rhythmic onslaught. All the while the slick lyrical delivery ensures the track packs a punch of dirty slickness.

Listen to ‘Perfect Speed’ below and check out more form NAVVI here and here.

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