Listen: Monotony – ‘Human Troll’

monotonyJust when you thought there wasn’t quite enough slacker rock in your life, along comes London based dirge outfit Monotony to let know everything’s going to be OK. Having released a small but perfectly formed mini-album last summer, the band are back with a new track called ‘Human Troll’.

The song encapsulates the vehemently DIY attitude Monotony have firmly plastered on their musical banner and takes their latent stoner rock elements to hazy new levels. The buzz-saw guitars and abrasive vocals sound like the best any 80s underground doomcore band had to offer with elements of vintage Sub Pop acts like Tad thrown in to provide the spooky hook. ‘Human Troll’ is like being dragged through the mud, face first, straight into grot-rock nirvana.

The track is released on the 80/81 records compilation FREE and Monotony will be releasing a 7″ on the label later this year.

Listen to ‘Human Troll‘ below.

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