Listen: Rose Windows – ‘Glory, Glory’

Rose Windows promotional photoGood news – Seattle based psyche rockers Rose Windows have announced the release of their sophomore self-titled album on 4th May via everyone’s favourite Seattle based record label Sub Pop. The band have also just unleashed the first taste of their new album by way of the track ‘Glory, Glory’, and it serves as a promising opening salvo.

The track is a boot-stomping, riff-laden trip, infused with the moonshine spirit of Southern soul that’s just as capable of drawing you in with its blissful, twisted melody as it is of flooring you with its gnarly fuzzed up riffs. ‘Glory, Glory’ hits the ground running by striking a balance between sludgy psych and the gritty rock.

Listening to this on repeat could well see you ending up sitting by a campfire in the small hours staring at the stars figuring out the meaning of life with your new best friends… who’ll probably end up being Rose Windows themselves.

Listen to ‘Glory, Glory‘ below.


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