Listen: Speedy Ortiz – ‘Raising The Skate’

Speedy Ortiz press newIt’s official – Speedy Ortiz are back. Not that they ever really went away, because since the release of 2013’s Major Arcana, the Massachusetts based quartette have been a near continuous feature on the festival line ups and generously tided us all over with the Real Hair EP last year.

Now the band have announced the imminent release of album number three (if you count their inaugural cassette release The Death Of Speedy Ortiz as an album – which you should).

Foil Deer is set for release on 21 April on Carpark and the band have wasted no time in letting us know what we’re in for.

‘Raising The Skate’ is unmistakably a Speedy Ortiz track from the outset. The wonky, off-kilter guitar riffs and jittering drums crash together in a gloriously shambolic racket with Sadie Dupuis’ self depreciating lyrics lending the track that quintessentially P90s feel. ‘Raising The Skate’ doesn’t signal much of a departure from the band’s previous output, but more of the same is just fine with us.

Listen to ‘Raising The Skate‘ below.

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