Listen: Dott – ‘Car Song’

dottnightschool_carouselDespite having the Atlantic ocean between them, Ireland’s Dott and California’s Night School have managed to create something beautiful. The two bands have proven to be kindred spirits through their knack for creating glorious slices of perfectly formed 60s influenced gnarly pop rock, and now the bands have collaborated in fine style to create a split 12″ called Carousel, and the first taste of the record comes courtesy of Dott.

‘Car Song’ is a bubble gum pop ditty spat out through the teeth of a sassy grunge kid sporting a well worn Hole t-shirt. The crunchy hook is delivered with layers of swirling feedback set against smooth harmonies and a hyperactive surf-rock riff. It’s a beautiful contradiction that results in the musical equivalent of La Sera and Dum Dum Girls taking a ride along the beach front with the top down.

Carousel tracklisting looks like this:

Dott – ‘Car Song
Night School – ‘Unkind’
Dott – ‘Glue’
Night School – ‘Black and Blue’

Carousel is released on a limited 12″ and obligatory download via Graveface Records on 18 April, which also happens to be Record Store Day (as if you didn’t know that already).

Listen to ‘Car Song‘ below.

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