Listen: Art Nikels – ‘Hesitation Makes’

art nikelsSan Francisco’s Art Nikels are a band who certainly aren’t afraid of a little experimentation. The band formed only last year but have already formulated an uncompromising sound, and their new single ‘Hesitation Makes’ is a testament to their forward thinking aesthetic.

The track, taken from their forthcoming Primitives EP, set for release on 30 March, is the equivalent of about three songs rolled into one, but all the while the track holds fast in its coherence.

Beginning with opaque samples and reverb drenched vocals things soon take a turn for the trippy as the song gathers itself into a sharply focused take on fuzzed-out psyche pop with Phil Spector-esque keys and resonating guitar lines bubbling with energetic quirkiness. The whole track somehow manages to embody the inventiveness of Flying Lotus and the transgressive verve of Tame Impala. In other words, something you need to get in your ears as soon as possible.

Listen to ‘Hesitation Makes‘ below.

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