Listen: Henry Demos – ‘Electric Duck’

HD+LWe love it when things like this drop into our lap (or more accurately, drop into our inbox). Two members of Seoul-based avant noise-pop outfit Nice Legs have just dropped a split cassette, and it’s a beautiful thing. Going by the monikers of Henry Demos and Lewtrakimou the duo have taken a side each and produced the wonderfully entitled I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon.

The release is a super lo-fi concoction of off-kilter sounds that have an overarching vibe of breezy stoner jams and quirky pop sensibilities.

It was difficult to pick one of the 23 tracks to feature but we’ve gone with Henry Demos’ ‘Electric Duck’ –  it could have easily been any of the songs, but this one sums up the overall tone of the album pretty well. It wears its baggy slacker rock pants lower than an early Weezer demo and bounces with the energy of Broken Social Scene possessed with the spirit of Daniel Johnston. Basically, when your therapist tells you to relax, this is what you should be listening to.

Listen to ‘Electric Duck‘ below.

You can listen to the whole of I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon right here. It’s released by those fine folks at Fox Food Records.


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