Watch: Feature – ‘Wisdom Teeth’

feature wisdom teeth vidOK, we’ll be the first to admit we’re a bit late on this one, but on the off chance you haven’t heard of London based noise-pop trio Feature, or seen their new video yet, here goes…

Feature, consisting of Jen (drums/vox), Liv (guitar/vox) and Heather (bass/vox), are basically the inverse of every teenybopper you’ve ever encountered, weaving spooky melodies across tightly wound, frenetic chord changes drenched in layers of chunky fuzz. And their new video sees them amp up the spookiness to major new levels.

‘Wisdom Teeth’, taken from the band’s new Tourist EP (a split with Slowcoaches) is brimming with crunchy guitars and rolls along like a gnarly L7 riding monster trucks with Black Bananas. The video, directed by Maria Cecilia, centres on drummer Jen’s mystical fingers as they exercise some expert telekinesis, manipulating everything around her, from mugs to trees and even the rest of the band. Imagine a 90s horror B-movie soundtracked by a long lost Elastica tape, and you’d be getting there.

Watch the clip for ‘Wisdom Teeth‘ below.

The Tourist EP is out now on Unwork Records.

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