Listen: Pavo Pavo – “Ran Ran Run”

pavo pavoThe word “ethereal” is over used these days. It’s often applied to so many things that don’t really embody the true sense of the word, but if you’re looking for an example of something properly deserving of the term, you need to check out Pavo Pavo.

The Brooklyn based five-piece create the kind of music that is so drenched in washes of psychedelic, nuanced pop it’s hard to tell exactly where the music ends and the hazy memory of that time you fell in love for two hours at that forrest party you went to when you were sixteen, begins.

Their new single “Ran Ran Run” encapsulates the band’s ethos of expertly constructed and insanely catchy dream pop, conjuring mirages of the Soft Machine and the finer moments of Broken Social Scene. Basically, everyone with ears should be listening to this.

Listen to “Ran Ran Run” below. The single is a double A-side with “Annie Hall” on the flip, and you get yer grubby mitts on it here.

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