PREMIERE: Dakota Blue – ‘After Dark’

dakota blueSometimes, this hectic life can become a drag. The hum-drum of work, relationships and whatever else you’ve got going on can pile up and begin to turn into a seemingly insurmountable sum of their parts. What’s needed at times like these is an escape. Something capable of casting a bit of perspective on things. What’s needed is an antidote.

Enter Dakota Blue. The LA based singer-songwriter dabbles in the dark arts of creating songs that have the ability to immediately pull you out of yourself and find solace in the knowledge that someone has your back. The same way the blues can make you feel instantly better, only Dakota Blue doesn’t do the blues, he creates liltingly pensive melodies, and we’re proud to be premiering his new track ‘After Dark’ for you right here.

‘After Dark’ is like a love song in reverse, the nocturnal pacing and Dakota’s smooth delivery draw you in and cast you in your own late night B-movie soundtracked by the Silver Jews and an echo of Bon Iver. Listen to ‘After Dark’ below and you’ll find out exactly what we mean.

‘After Dark’ is released today via Bandcamp. Check out more from Dakota Blue here and here.

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