PREMIERE: Negative Scanner – ‘Would You Rather’

negative scannerWhen Chicago’s Rebecca Valeriano-Flores and Tom Cassling put up their Craigslist ad for two members to complete the line up of their band, the post included the instructions: “PRO GEAR. PRO ATTITUDE”, and it seems like that missive paid off. They soon recruited guitarist Matt Revers and bassist Nick Beaudoin, and Negative Scanner was born.

Having released two 7″ and a few cassettes over the past couple of years, the band are all set to unleash their debut full length (released via Trouble In Mind) and the self-titled record only serves to amplify the blistering, primal energy found in those early releases.

The album is slated for release on 10 July, but you don’t have to wait until then to get a flavour of Negative Scanner, because we’re proud to serve you up the UK premiere of the first track to be taken from their album by way of ‘Would You Rather’.

The song opens with a slow burn of haunting shoegaze infused guitars before breaking out into a fully formed post-punk onslaught oozing with the type of visceral energy found in the likes of X-Ray Spex and Wire. Basically, if you have ears you should be listening to this.

Listen to ‘Would You Rather‘ below.

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