Listen: Owl & Mouse – ‘Worst Kiss’

owl & mouseLondon based (by way of Australia) five-piece Owl & Mouse have a fitting moniker. The interplay between the lush instrumentation and sharp, direct lyricism creates a delicate tension, as though the two elements are engaged in a constant chase that could equally result in a burst of beauty or emotional devastation. Or maybe both at the same time.

Vocalist Hannah Botting, who also happens to be the sister of Allo Darlin’ bassist Bill Botting, may have a fine musical lineage, but she’s also capable of creating some seriously engaging music in her own right. And if you needed proof, all you have to do is listen to ‘Worst Kiss’.

The track, taken from Owl & Mouses’ debut album Departures (released on 27 July via Fika Recordings) sees Botting heroically brandishing her ukulele and delivering a tale of young, awkward love with a bold directness and a splash of cynicism before the track progresses into a soaring crescendo amidst washes of cello, brass and lush harmonies. It’s a beautiful thing.

Listen to ‘Worst Kiss‘ below.

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