Listen: Wild Ones – ‘Dim the Lights’

wild onesIt’s been too long since we’ve heard from Portland’s Wild Ones. Since their scintillating debut album Keep It Safe, released back in 2013, we’ve been wondering what’s been happening in the world of Wild Ones. As it turns out, they’ve been pretty busy.

Having completed nearly a year of touring, the band holed themselves up in their home town and have emerged into the daylight with a new EP. Heatwave, set for release on 14 August on Topshelf Records, sees Wild Ones embracing a new and slightly unexpected sound. Lead track ‘Dim the Lights’ is a testament to the way the band is pushing themselves head long into a more considered, pop orientated direction, and it’s a glorious thing.

‘Dim the Lights’ bounces with nocturnal 80 synths and smooth splashes of rim-shot beats. But by the time the chorus screeches into focus the track has gathered enough momentum to pull you along with a net of intertwined, driving rhythms and pacing guitar lines.

The lyrics “Here in my car we’re two comets falling far away from the sun / It fills me up I wanna go where I can turn into anyone” deliver a punch of pure escapism that makes you want to get into the nearest car and take a teenage joy ride into the wild night.

If ‘Dim the Lights’ is anything to go by, Heatwave will prove to be the sultry soundtrack to this summer’s late nights.

Listen to ‘Dim the Lights‘ below.

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