Listen: The Castillians ‘You & Me’

the castilliansWhat can we say about The Castillians? Do they adhere to the claim in their press release that they’re the band responsible for the “song of the summer 2015”? If their new track ‘You & Me’ is anything to go by, that statement sounds pretty much bang on.

The Birmingham trio have recently re-released their debut album Show Your Teeth and are all set to add even more heat to that blazing trail with their second long player You & Me. The title track is shot through with ricochet drums and hazy guitars awash with enough up-tempo energy to single handedly set your camp fire alight even in the midst of a summer breeze. ‘You & Me’ is pumped with a super charged, grimy surf rock aesthetic and gnarly, overdriven vocals that make The Castillians sound like a version of The Strokes, had they decided to stick with the sound of their early EPs.

You & Me is released on PNKSLM Recordings in October. We know that’s ages away, but don’t worry, you can listen to ‘You & Me‘ below.

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