Listen: SEØUEL – ‘Fear Party’

SEQUELJust when you though it was safe to put on your headphones, Edinburgh based producer SEØUEL is here to let you know that pair of little speakers might not be such a safe place.

Having given us a taste of his dark vision of tightly wound electronics with last year’s Prague EP, SEØUEL is back with a new release that continues to showcase his itinerant leanings.

Continuing the thematic reflections on various capital cities the beat maker has visited during his time on the road, Reykjavik EP, set for release on 24 July on Disorder Recordings, is another bundle of reflective, spacious and hard hitting punches, and lead track ‘Fear Party’ is certainly no exception.

Truly living up to it’s name, the track is at once sinister and exhilarating, drawing you in with a pitch black hook that sees SEØUEL embracing his more techno side. ‘Fear Party’ is like playing a game of apocalyptic laser-tag in a day-glo haunted house.

Listen to ‘Fear Party‘ below.

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