Watch: Copywrite – ‘Philophobia’

copywriteUsually revisiting those awkward past relationships is just a bad idea. The memories of tangled emotions are usually nothing more than a can of ugly worms you don’t want to open. But sometimes, it can prove to be the perfect antidote. 

In the case of Australia’s Copywrite, channelling a bit of hate has been no bad thing at all. Their new track ‘Philophobia’ (meaning a pathological fear of love) is a blood-racing three minutes of tightly wound guitar lines and frenetic drums. But the underlying message of the track comes from singer Luna’s dead-pan delivery of lines like “what use are cold hands on warm blood / it’s all head and no heart”. Ouch.

Despite being barely out of their teens, Copyright have a sound far beyond their years harbouring the energy of 90s era riot grrrl coupled with echoes of vintage Elastica.

‘Philophobia’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming album A Heart Of Glass, set for release on 11 August.

Watch the video for ‘Philophobia‘ below.

One response to “Watch: Copywrite – ‘Philophobia’

  1. ‘Philophobia’ is taken form the band’s forthcoming album A Heart Of Glass…(typo there, form).

    Nice synopsis! Keen to see your album review above all the others.

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