Listen: Elliot Moss – ‘Highspeeds’

elliot mossSometimes life can seem pretty fast and every now and then it feels good to just apply the breaks a little bit. If New York native Elliot Moss is anything to go by, locating these moments is a task filled with possibilities. 

Moss’ debut album Highspeeds, slated for release on 25 September via Play It Again Sam, has a moniker shot through with a wink of irony as the tracks showcase a man who seemingly has no problem at all embracing a considered, approach to his music. And this makes for an immersive listen. All you have to do to appreciate this is hear the title track.

‘Highspeeds’ is as introspective as it is infectious, easing you in with a steady, soporific pace. “I’m tired / I’ve been waiting for you / I’m so tired / and I need to lay down / but you’re travelling / traveling at highspeeds / and you’re too fast to chase / anymore”, Moss recounts with a tangible lovelorn weariness. But the track gradually comes to life and begins to fizz with scratchy beats and melodic, harmonic drones. ‘Highspeeds’ never quite breaks the way you expect it to, but that just leaves the track demanding to be repeated. Again and again.

Moss manages to wring every last drop of emotion from the simplest of elements, and it’s this deft ability that makes his music impossibly compelling.

Listen to ‘Highspeeds‘ below.

Elliot Moss is set to headline the [PIAS] Nites showcase at The Lexington, London on 29 September.

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