Listen: John Grant – ‘Disappointing’

john grantIn the wake of the news that fuzzy faced electro-pop aficionado John Grant is all set to release his third solo album Grey Tickles, Black Pressure on 2nd October, we’ve now been treated to the first taste of what’s to come. 

His new track ‘Disappointing’ couldn’t be more antithetically titled. Building on the strutting disco hooks laid down on his previous album Pale Green Ghosts, this new track reveals that, for his new material, Grant has chosen to set his danceability phasers up to 11.

‘Disappointing’ pulls you in with an assault of crunchy synths and bouncing beats that coalesce into a technicolor stew of luscious, twisted disco. And the tag-team vocals with Tracy Thorn is an inspired move.

But Grant’s cheeky lyrics are front and centre as he reels off a list of earthly pleasures that pale in comparison to his target. Safe to say, ‘Disappointing’ is the most infectious track name-checking Rachel Dratch you’ll ever hear.

Listen to ‘Disappointing‘ below.

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