Listen: Lost Trail – ‘All Saints’ Eve In Other Burlington’

Lost-TrailLet’s face it, sometimes it can be all too easy to miss the history around you. If you’re walking through your home town or visiting somewhere entirely new, the subtle elements of past voices are capable of being heard, if only you listen hard enough. This is a thought that clearly hasn’t escaped North Carolina duo Lost Trail.

The duo, consisting of matrimonially entwined Zach and Denny Corsa, specialise in using analogue equipment, tape loops and found sounds to create their music, and the results are less like songs and more like expansive sonic tales.

The band’s forthcoming 12” is called A Foreground And A Backdrop (set for release on 4th September on Bleeding Gold Records) and the very title suggests the fact that Lost Trail are capable of seeing the world around them in multi-dimensional ways. Something that more than bares out in their new track ‘All Saints’ Eve In Other Burlington’.

Serving as a ghostly ode to the couple’s home town, the track cascades with feather light atmospherics and understated beauty, gradually building in the middle distance amidst dismembered whirrs of pitched, grainy tape loops that sound as icy and majestic as a waterfall in reverse. But the storm soon breaks and elongated squalls of distorted guitar bring the track comfortably in line with those of its post rock forebears.

Think Explosions In The Sky played backwards whilst standing on an Icelandic glacier, and you’re getting close to the intense majesty harboured in this track.

Listen to ‘All Saints’ Eve In Other Burlington’ below.

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