Listen: Husband Material – ‘Bigger Man’

husband materialIf you remember the short lived (but excellent) thrashy psych outfit Bos Angeles, you’ll have realised that the band’s lynchpin Richard Board probably cashed in his chips a little too early and had a lot more to offer by way of musical output. 

Well, Board has since proved this to be the case by providing the world with Husband Material, but the leanings of his new project are far from those found in his previous band. In fact, they probably couldn’t be further apart.

Husband Material specialise in smooth keyboard crooning and their new track ‘Bigger Man’ lets you know exactly where they’re coming from. The track bursts into being with an oil slick of keyboards that slide straight into entry level Prince territory. The down-tempo neo-soul aesthetic is a pretty surprising one, but Husband Material deliver it with a big splash of confidence.

But it’s not all bright, shiny disco balls and dance moves, as ‘Bigger Man’ comes with a forlorn message. Board delivers the lines “sometimes I wish I was a bigger man, and be all the things I know I can” with a pensive and slightly resigned tone. Beneath the slick indie-lounge of ‘Bigger Man’ there lies a genuine message of regret and the need for atonement.

‘Bigger Man’ is released as part of the Art Is Hard ‘Hand Cut Record Club’ as well as the obligatory download.

Listen to ‘Bigger Man‘ below.

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