Watch: Kathryn Joseph – ‘The Worm’

Kathryn-JosephIt’s a very rare occurrence when a piece of music comes along and completely floors you, even less so when that piece of music happens to be an entire album. This is unequivocally the case with Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled, the recent SAY Award winning record from Kathryn Joseph, and what makes this album even more inestimable is the fact that it nearly didn’t happen at all. 

Joseph has been open about her various crises of confidence whilst committing the album to tape and spoken of the hesitancy of relinquishing her singular vulnerability by releasing such deeply personal material into the public realm (if you want some more background, you can read this excellent interview with Tom Jonson of GoldFlakePaint over at the Skinny here).

But luckily, Joseph overcame her initial reticence and Bones You Have Thrown Me… made it out into the world, in all it’s devastating, nocturnal glory.

‘The Worm’ is the flip-side to Joseph’s recent single ‘The Bird’, which serves as the opener to Bones You Have Thrown Me…, and turns on a coil of tightly wound piano and slow burn percussion. The clip for the track continues the visual narrative of physical vulnerability vs. nature found in the video for ‘The Bird’, and with the help of BAFTA nominated director Tim Courtney, takes you on a journey through some of Scotland’s ever-present desolate beauty.

The tension found in ‘The Worm’ is prescient of Joseph’s knack for instilling emotive heft into the simplest of sonic touches; what isn’t there is equally as important as what is, and this heightens the sense of perennial anguish, but delivers it all with a feather-light touch.

Watch the video for ‘The Worm‘ below.

Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled is out now on Hits The Fan Records.

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