Killer Ponytail meets… Infinity Girl

infinity girlBrooklyn-by-way-of-Boston four-piece Infinity Girl are band who wear their collective heart on their sleeve. The outfit started life as the brainchild of frontman Nolan Eley and the band soon developed into a vehicle for a collective vision of shoegaze-tinged, infectious guitar driven sonics referencing the likes of Pixies and My Bloody Valentine. 

Having released their debut album Stop Being On My Side back in 2012 the band soon followed this up with the Just Like Lovers EP which hinted at a group ready to take a turn into more melodically driven territory. Not ones to rest on their laurels, Infinity Girl have now unleashed their sophomore album Harm, and it’s a collection of tracks that sees the band exploring complexed rhythms and a wealth of crunchy, immediate, and sometimes sinister melodies.

But there remains an innate optimism to the music on their new album – Harm resonates with a dark energy but is just as ready to run at you with a warm hug. We caught up with frontman Nolan Eley to talk about how Harm came together, moving to NY, and the pros and cons of that ‘shoegaze’ label… 

Where are you and what were you doing just before answering these questions?

I’m in my living room and I just went to Super Pollo in Ridgewood with my roommate and it was awesome.

Easy one – How did you guys get started?

I played an open mic and some friends were there and thought my songs would be awesome with a loud band behind it, so we made that happen and voila!

You’re about to release your second album, Harm. How does it feel to get it out into the world?

It feels great. We finished it over a year ago so we’re excited to have it out and start focusing on some new stuff.

Tell us about how Harm came together.

After our last EP we were all in separate places for around a year and once we all made it back to New York we started working on this album with a lot of energy. We talked about the album a lot before working too much on it to make sure we were all on the same page about it.

You’ve been tagged with the ‘shoegaze’ label in the past but your new material has a heightened punk energy to it. Is the ‘shoegaze’ tag something you’re trying to get away from, or do you embrace it?

I love shoegaze but it means something different to so many people. There are some pretty lame bands that fall under some definitions of shoegaze but there are also some awesome bands. It’s not really something I strive for, I feel like it’s such a part of my musical DNA that it’s hard to make something that doesn’t have some elements of shoegaze in it.

You guys started out in Boston before setting up in Brooklyn. What inspired the move to NY.

It was a personal decision in all of our lives to move here, it’s a pretty different reason for all of us. However, I’m sure we were all stoked that we could continue the band, and I’m sure it played at least a little bit of a role in deciding to move here.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Brooklyn ‘scene’. What’s the musical community like there and how do you feel you guys fit into it?

There are so many different things that people mean when they talk about the Brooklyn music scene. We try not to think about it too much and just put together shows with bands we love as much as we can.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you you’ve got the same name as a Stereolab song. Is this intentional?

They have great song titles. And they are one of my favourite bands ever. I scoured so many sources for band names, from movies, literature, art, music and came up with a massive list of possible band names. This is the one that we liked the most. It’s kind of taken on more meaning since we adopted it as our band name, but I’m totally happy with that.

Have you got and musical tips you can share with us – what have you been listening to?

I’ve been listening to Gloria Coates’ symphonies and Dr. Dre’s new album and a lot of Ride– getting stoked for their reunion show in a few weeks!

What have you got planned over the next 12 months?

Well we’ve got a two-ish week tour in November which we’ll have more details on soon. And we’ve got a lot of songs cooking for the next record, which we are hoping to record as soon as it is practical.

Harm is out now on Topshelf Records. Check out more from Infinity Girl here.

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