Watch: Dilly Dally – ‘Purple Rage’

dilly dallyEver wondered what it would be like to be a purple swamp monster having a really bad day? Well, now you can vicariously experience this from the comfort of your own home thanks to Toronto punks Dilly Dally

The band have released a video for their new track ‘Purple Rage’ and before you start expecting any angry homages to Prince, we’re here to tell you that the track is less ‘prince of pop’ and more ‘queen of 90s rock’.

Dilly Dally deal in the kind of snotty, melodic rock that have garnered comparisons to every Seattle band from Pixies to Hole, but Dilly Dally’s music burns with a little ball of anger that’s all their own.

‘Purple Rage’, taken from the band’s forthcoming album Sore (out 9th October), is shot through with a straight-to-tape, DIY ethos and a surprising amount of existential angst. According to vocalist Katie Monks, the song is symbolic of feelings of rejection and reinvention.

Monks says: “[It] stemmed from me feeling heartbroken by someone… and then the reaction to it, wanting to reinvent myself, change my style and how I came across in order to distance myself from them. It’s always been a big part of my healing process whenever I get hurt, something I’m sure a lot of artists can relate to.”

The video follows a freakishly purple swamp monster that escapes into the big city only to find the modern world too much to bear and eventually returns home. It’s heavy on metaphor, but luckily also heavy on big, gnarled, speaker splitting melodies.

Watch the video for ‘Purple Rage’ below.

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